Beth Ann A.

Prior to becoming a stay-at-home mama, Beth Ann was a high school special education teacher👩‍🏫. She joined FIT4MOM Greensboro a year ago, and her comments about this decision are worth the read! 💗

"The road to motherhood was not easy for me. I experienced so many different emotions after I finally became a mom and was in the daily grind of #motherhood. I didn't understand why I wasn't happy all the time for this thing that I so desperately wanted. Fit4Mom helped me connect with other moms while doing something good for me.

Happy Mom = Happy Baby👶

"I think many moms do not want to spend money on themselves which was my reservation in joining Fit4Mom but I soon realized that the happier I was the better I was able to care for my son which led to a better relationship between us.

💕Being around other moms made me happier.

💕Working out made me happier.

💕Interacting with my son in a positive way made me happier.

💕Seeing him interacting with other children made me happier.

Words cannot describe the positive effect Fit4Mom has had and continues to have on my journey through motherhood."

The biggest thing that surprised Beth Ann about motherhood is the mixture of emotions you experience🎭. She explains "All the joy and happiness you feel at the birth can suddenly end when dad is back at work and you are alone with your baby, #sleep_deprived, haven't showered in days and haven't had an actual conversation with an adult (that isn't about your baby) since before your baby was born."

Which leads to her tip💡 for other moms: "Get out of the house! Don’t feel trapped inside the house alone because you have a baby. Whether you attend a mommy and me class, a breastfeeding class or a #Fit4Mom class, just get out!"

Emmet's favorite thing is being chased around by his mama! She says "When he gives me the half smile, squints one of his eyes, and starts inching away from me that's when I know he wants me to chase him!"